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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of NSW FAQ

Frequently asked questions are listed below.

Purchasing a Cavalier

How can I get in touch with reputable breeders?

On our breeder directory page you will find a list of all breeders who are members of this club in NSW and who have elected to be on this web site. It is important to note that  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of NSW accepts no responsibility for any agreement entered into by a breeder and a puppy buyer. All breeders listed on the Cavalier Club web site are all Members of Dogs NSW.


The Club also encourages the public to also seek information from the Dogs NSW website for additional information and contacts on Cavalier breeders.

Are there any Cavalier puppies available?

Please check the puppy register on this site. 


Members of the public can also check the Dogs NSW website.

Club Activities

Are there any events that non club members can attend?

The Club runs a Fun and Information day that all members of the public can attend. It is held annually and further information can be found on our activities page.


Click here to see the 2015 Fun and Information Day.

Club Shows

How do I submit a postal vote for Judge nominations for the Club Shows

Voting of Show Judges, for the Club's 3 specialty shows, is only open for registered members of the Club who are financially up to date with membership or a Life-time member.


The list of Judges for voting is determined at a suitable meeting, prior to advice to members. Any member of the Club  is encourgaed and has the right to nominate any Judge with suitable qualifications for inclusing of the Judges list.  Simply advise the Club Secretary by mail or attend in person at the Club meetings


The voting form will be part of the Bi-Monthly Newsletter and/or a seperate form that may be available on the web site from time to time. Links to forms on the web site can be found on the Shows and Events page. Published Newsletters can be found on the Club Newsletters page. A schedule of time frames for nominations and voting for future years will be listed soon on the events calendar.


For all nominations, number, the provided list of Judges from 1 to  #, (the max number of judges as your preferences).  


Send the form to the Club, by placing it in a sealed blank envelope, without any personal identification. Then place that envelope in another and post to the Club Secretary within the time frame required for postal voting of Judges. Ensure on the posted envelope you indicate your name/Club Membership, so your vote can be identified as being from a registered Club member.


Votes will not be accepted after 5:00pm on the final day of voting as advised in the notification.


Remember you can avoid the delays, if you attend in person at the designated Club meetings and vote in person. All Club members are encouraged to attend the Club meetings so you can participate and contribute in the Club's decisions and activities. 

How do I find Judges that I can nominate for the Club Championship Show

Eligible Judges, who are nominated to judge at the Club's Championship Show must meet the following criteria:


  • Qualified to judge teh Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed at the Championship levle in their country of residence

  • Have not judged at the Club's Championship Show for at least 7 years


The following are web links to sites listing the Breed judges. this is not a definitive list ad all members are encouraged to review and find judges through all resources available to them


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