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The Cavalier Club of NSW, conducts regular health checks on Cavaliers, for members and the general public, check the latest news  for information on the next clinics.

As with most breeds of dogs, there are some health concerns within the breed. It is possible to use DNA testing to screen for some of these conditions but DNA tests are not available for the major health concerns at this time. A great deal of research is being done internationally to investigate the causes.


There are two main health concerns for Cavaliers;   MVD or Mitral Valve Disease which affects the heart and CM/SM or Syringomyelia -  a neurological problem.  Both these conditions are progressive meaning that dogs may only develop the problem or symptoms, if any, later in life. 


It should be stressed that not all Cavaliers will be affected by either of these conditions.  The vast majority of Cavaliers are generally  happy and healthy  dogs, many leading long and happy lives, living well into their “teens”.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of NSW encourages health testing by its members, organises health  clinics during the year to enable breeders to get their breeding stock  tested on a regular basis and invites veterinary specialists to club meetings to give presentations on all health aspects of breeding Cavaliers.


Information on this page has been compiled from a number of web sites including the British Veterinary Association and the Animal Health Trust UK.  This page will be updated a further information becomes available.

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