NSW DPI Dog and Cat Breeder Audits

As you will all be aware the NSW DPI has contracted to RSPCA to conduct Audits against Dog and Cat Breeding Faciliaties in NSW. This is all part of ensuring Breeders are compliant with the NSW "Animal Welfare Code of Practice Breeding Dogs and Cats" COP.

A number of Audits have been conducted, seemingly targetting registered breeders of Dogs NSW and other organisations, against the intent of this process, which was, as described by the NSW Minister for Agriculture, Adam Marshall " to weed out rogue operators" - 22/10/2020.

The Club is fully supportive of the COP and its intent, but is greatly concerned about the conduct of the RSPCA Inspectors and the inconsistency in applying their interpretations of and actions under the Code.

The following Club letter has been prepared by the Club on behalf of all members and sent to our Members of Parliament - MP's

Cavalier Club Letter to NSW MPs

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