2021 Yearbook Memorial

An oportunity to remember your wonderful dogs and the input they have had to the history of this wonderful breed.

The Year 2020 has been an exceptional challenge for all of us, something which most of us have never seen in our lifetimes.

As a dog club we have had to suspend all activities to ensure all our members, families and friends can concentrate on keeping themselves safe.

Unfortunately the Yearbook is in danger of being suspended as well, as the usual content from shows and events around the country will mostly be unvailable, due to cancellations.

The Club has decided, that maybe our Yearbook, for this year, can include  memorials for our 4 legged family, to celebrate their life and immortalize them as part of the Club's pictorial history.

To do this we are considering the following to produce the Yearbook for 2021:

  1. Everyone, members and friends are eligible to include their dogs, whether they have competed in any Australian dog shows; are a cherished member of your Kennel or have been rescued/rehomed, BUT, they must be Cavaliers.

  2. All participating can have up to 5 pages maximum

  3. The Club (as seen on this page for example) will provide 5 memorial page templates that you may choose from. The club will put together these pages as long as you provide a high resolution photo and the text and details you want on your page. (details will be provided if the proposed Yearbook is to proceed)

  4. Alternatively you may wish to engage an artist to produce your own memorial pages, this would be at your own extra cost between yourself and your artist.

  5. If you are using your own artist, then they must follow the usual guidlines in creating the copy for you (details will be provided if the proposed Yearbook is to proceed)

  6. The charges for pages will probably be  be under $20 for the 1st page, then + $5.00 for each additional pages up to 5 pages. (this will depend on volume requested) As usual paid to the club.  For this price you will recieve a copy of the Yearbook, to be picked up or delivered to your nominated postal address, depending on how the rest of the year and into the next transpires.

  7. The Memorial page is not to be used for any advertising (as per point 8, there is a seperate pricing structure for advertising).

  8. Advertising will still be avilable in the Yearbook, at the same costs as previous years. An Advertiser who also provides Memorial pages will only be entitled to 1 copy of the Yearbook.

  9. Additional content may be included, for example any stories, events, information that we may want to convey. We may ask members to share , but at the discretion of the Club as to its publishing.

  10. Approval of any content is at the sole discretion of the Club.

  11. Depending on numbers, the Club will decide the feasability and cost of producing the book.

Please do not submit anything yet. To help facilitate the Club's decision to go ahead with this, can you please use this page by entering your name and indicate the number of potential pages you may wish to provide (advertising and/or memorial)  and if you would use your own artist to produce the memorial pages. If we can have some detail back by 15th October, it will help us understand if this will be feasable to produce. If we have very little response to this, the Yearbook will not go ahead, so please consider this and pass onto your Cavalier friends.


The date to have the Yearbook ready will remain fluid and not be held tight to the 2021 Easter Show.

We thankyou in helping to support this endeavour and hope it helps you reflect  on what you have achieved over the years, and that it re-invigorates you, post, this very subdued 2020.

Are you Advertising? How many pages?

Are you Memorialising? How many pages?

For Memorial pages only - Would you use your own artist?

These are the proposed Club provided artwork

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